Busy Bees staff use Tapestry, an online learning platform to be able to share your child's learning with you.

Firstly, you need to return the Tapestry Parents Letter enclosed in your 'Welcome Pack'.

You will then receive an activation email. 

A parents message from Tapestry:


Use iOS or Android apps (available from the App or Play store) or to receive new entries in your child’s journal celebrating their achievements and exciting activities, individually or with their new friends and the staff looking after them. Contribute to this growing journal by commenting on the journal entries, or even adding your own. Let your child’s teachers know what your child loves doing at home by sending photos and videos back, helping them understand their development at home. Your child’s other relatives can also be set up with access to the Tapestry profile so you can all share the excitement of the growth of your child.


Also share these special moments with your child at any time by logging into their Learning Journal, using your own password. In addition to the simple pleasure of seeing your child’s enthusiasm in describing their day, talking together about the pictures and video clips in their journal helps to develop your child’s language skills and build their self-esteem.

Please speak to Brenda or Ellen in the office if you are experiencing difficulties.