Health and well being

Working together


As a school we are passionate about health and well being. We recognise that unless children feel safe and secure they will not be in a good position to learn. We equally recognise just how difficult it can be managing the many roles of parenting. Please be reassured that you or your children are not the only ones to sometimes finds this overwhelming, this page is designed to offer areas for support or guidance should you feel it helpful. Please, remember, we are always here to listen, Chesterton is not only a school but also a community of amazing, supportive and caring families and professionals working together to navigate the amazing yet challenging world in which we live. 


Supporting children to manage their emotions

Children can often show challenging behaviour in response to changes and new experiences. Often this is a form of communication, when children have not yet developed the skills to share and manage their feelings. Below you will find some activities and support agencies that may be able to offer additional support in the Gloucestershire area.


Supporting Parents and Carers:

Being a parent is one of the most rewarding and challenging roles in life. We all hope that children can be supported from birth to:

  • Feel good about themselves
  • Know they are heard and loved
  • Develop and learn

We want them to be able to equip themselves with the life skills they need to grow up happy, healthy and successful – but sometimes this responsibility can feel quite overwhelming as a parent.

Our school links with other professionals to offer early intervention family support which aims to help families find solutions to problems or challenges before they start to take over family life. We work together to build confidence and resilience. Please speak with your child's room leader or a member of the senior team if you would like further support, alternatively, please explore the links below as a guide to additional support available in the Gloucestershire area.

Advisory teaching service

Educational psychology service