Safeguarding Children


Statement of intent


The Nursery works with children, parents, carers and the community to ensure the safety of children. Every child has the right to be safe.


The Nursery aims to create an environment which encourages children to develop a positive self-image regardless of race, language, religion, culture or social background.


We want to help children to establish and sustain satisfying relationships within their families, with peers and with other adults.


We aim to  work with parents and carers to build their understanding of and commitment to the welfare of all our children.




The Children’s Act 1989
The Children’s Act 2004
Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006
Children’s Act 2008
Data Protection Act 1999


The Nursery works with the Local Safeguarding Children’s Board (LSCB), of which the designated officer is Nigel Hatten (telephone 01452 426320).


The Nursery has set procedures for contacting the LSCB regarding safeguarding children.


If a report is made to the LSCB, the Nursery will act within the recommended guidelines in deciding whether the parents or carers should be informed at the same time as the referral. This will depend upon the nature of the concern. The Nursery notifies the registration authority (Ofsted) of any serious accidents or incidents that take place within the setting; this also includes any serious unexplained injury a child receives whilst in the care of the Nursery staff.


The Nursery acknowledges that abuse of children can take different forms; physical, emotional, sexual and neglect. When children are suffering from abuse, this may be demonstrated through changes in their behaviour or in their play. Where such behaviour occurs or when children’s play gives cause for concern, the nursery has a professional and moral duty to investigate, and if necessary, make a referral. We will always aim to notify and work with parents in the fist instance unless their is reason to believe that this may put the children at risk of harm.

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