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This area is dedicated to supporting you to understand a little more about the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum relevant to your child as they progress through nursery. Here, you will find overall support in key areas as well as current themes and planning within nursery. If you are a prospective parent, please feel free to use this area to gain an insight into some of the fun and developmental experiences available to the children at Busy Bees.

We hope you enjoy exploring as much as we enjoy engaging with and sharing the included activities with the children.

Please also see the link below for further resources and information regarding keeping your children safe online

Chesterton Primary School EYFS Policy

EEF Talk with TRUST

Learning opportunities are everywhere. This high-quality parent/carer-child interaction uses the TRUST framework, adapted from the EEF's guidance report. We think this is great but it highlights and values just how important everyday activities are and the incredible impact they make on a child's readiness and ability to learn.

A message for everyone returning to school along with some fun games to play in school and at home.


Returning to school

Hi everyone,


we are all missing you very much and hope you had a fantastic half term! You may notice that online learning changes slightly over the next few weeks as we begin the phased reopening of school. We will  continue our aim to provide support and activities that enable you to practice the skills we are looking at within nursery at home, however, please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further support. We will often link games or resources we are using in school and hopefully some practical activities and ideas that the children will enjoy.

If you are returning this week please use this page as an overview of the activities happening within nursery. We appreciate that you may feel anxious as things begin to build, please be reassured that we are here to support and work with you. Staff are happy to answer any further questions you may have, although please be patient at drop off and pick up to ensure we are able to maintain social distancing and keep everyone safe. There really is no such thing as a silly question and if there is I have probably already asked them myself. I will now be based in school full time, however, will still try and answer your questions as soon as possible. To support social distancing please send these questions via email or telephone where possible, opposed to asking staff on the gate.

Please find a social story above to help you talk to your child about how they may be feeling before they return to school. We recognise that everyone will feel differently about the return to school and that in some cases this will be difficult for children or families to manage.Children may be very excited or find it difficult to leave home after this extended period, please reassure them that all these emotions are OK and very much normal. There is ni wrong or right way to feel, however, please be reassured that we are here to support you both in school and at home. 

Useful play resources for those children still at home

Layla's bean


This week we are very lucky to see Layla's bean as it starts to grow. I wonder if you can spot the different parts of the shoot I was excited to see the roots and the stem growing longer. For those of you that did not see our earlier video's Layla in April showed us how to grow a runner bean in a glass jar. The picture below you can see the roots and the stalk growing from the bean. Layla has since planted the bean in the ground and now we will see how tall it can grow.

Layla bean video.mp4

Still image for this video

Sun safety


It's really important during this hot weather that we teach the children about the importance of sun safety and empower them to keep themselves safe when out in the hot sun. Hopefully the resources below will support you to share this knowledge with your child and have fun joining in activities together. 

Down at the pond

Hi everyone, we are missing you lots and it has been lovely to catch up with some of you this week. If you have not already heard from us we hope to catch up with you soon. This week the children in school and I had a lovey time exploring the pond which is blossoming in the Spring sunshine. We were very excited to see that the tadpoles we had looked after have begun to grow legs, soon their tail will be getting shorter and they will grow into fully grown frogs. We were also lucky enough to spot some newts basking in the Spring sunshine. Ellown helped me to carefully put this one back after it crawled from the weeds and got caught in the tyre. We had to be very careful. Thank you to Elowyn and her mum who kindly allowed me to share this lovely picture.

We were also excited to share the growth of the bean Layla planted earlier in the term. As you can see it has now started to shoot and the roots are growing longer.

Can you guess your teachers from their childhood photo?

We received this message and photo today from Madison and her Mum:-


Madison is missing her teachers so she decided to draw a picture of them she hopes they like it, and she’s really tried hard writing her name.


Thank you for the lovely picture and message, we miss you all very much. 

Chocolate cake by Chesterton Primary School

We hope you enjoy this week's challenge, the poem 'Chocolate Cake' by Michael Rosen.

Hi everyone,


we are missing you lots and hope that you and your families are safe and well. We know this is a difficult and challenging time and wanted to send a message sending our best wishes and support to each of you. We are aware that families are all facing very different struggles and with this in mind I have been adding lots of resources to the mental health and well being section of the nursery pages to hopefully offer supporting activities and organisations that are there for you should you need. I have also added more resources linked to starting school within the sub folder for school readiness, hopefully you find these useful. Please also remember we are only a phone call away if you need.


Alongside the struggles of lock down I  wanted to end on some positives and hopefully a moment to reflect on the community, friendships, family and team spirit that has helped all us cope with the challenges we currently face. I am so proud to be part of a team that truly cares for each other and our whole school community and I have enjoyed coming together as a team to make our keep in touch challenges, I've enjoyed spending time with family in new creative ways (thank goodness for technology) and I am so proud of the children for their amazing resilience. While I spend time planning activities to support the children's learning I am reminded just how much we can learn from them! So my lock down challenge for everyone is to write down 3 things they are thankful for. 

The Chesterton toilet roll challenge

This weeks challenge was a little bit different but all about being creative and having fun! We hope you enjoy the Chesterton toilet roll challenge as much as we enjoyed making it for you.

Mr Pents balls as read by the staff at Chesterton


We hope you are all safe and well, look after each other. We hope you enjoy watching our version of the story Mr Pents balls by David Walliams :

Hi everyone, we hope you had a fantastic Easter, we have loved seeing some of your pictures, please keep sharing it's lovely to see you having fun. We hope you enjoyed our Easter messages and have had the chance to watch our story of the Gruffalo below. We hope this made you smile! Please don't worry about completing all the activities if it is too tricky. This is such an unusual time, which as it continues, may be hard for your children to process and continue to cope with. Your children's happiness and mental well-being comes first and foremost!


As some of you may have noticed I have created a school readiness page above for our preschool parents who I'm sure may have many questions about the transition to primary school after receiving their confirmed places. We do not yet know exactly what this may look like however wanted to reassure you that there is lots you can and are already doing to help your child. You are amazing!


Stay safe and take care,


The Busy Bees Team


The Gruffalo as read by the staff at Chesterton

Still image for this video

A Happy Easter message to all our pupils from everyone here at school. 

Everyone at Chesterton misses you very much and hopes that you are safe and well.We wish you a very happy Easter full of fun, laughter and hopefully lots of chocolate too. Please take care of yourself and each other.

Keep smiling! 

Stay safe!

Keeping in touch 02/04/2020


Hi everyone! We hope you having a fantastic time making lots of great memories with your Mum's and Dad's, we know this time is tricky and we miss you very much but please remember your grown ups are doing and amazing job at keeping everyone safe. As we near the end of the first 2 weeks away from school and approach the Easter holidays we are very aware of the difficult messages often shared within the media and  wanted to share with you some hopeful and positive messages we have read this week:

'we will look at this time as a time we got to stop and be present. We will remember when we put our health first. We will remember when there was a global feeling of 'togetherness' 

We are not underestimating or forgetting the impact of coronavirus but on an evening where neighbourhoods cheered and applauded those still working hard to combat coronavirus we are reminding ourselves to savour the small moments, the playful giggle as the children have time to play, the extra time together, the love of family and the strength in the community. 


We will be reviewing the page as more information is released but I would be really grateful for your feedback on the activities and links provided and anything that would help moving forward, with this in mind I have added a comment box below. Please be aware, although I will try to answer all your questions I cannot guarantee to answer straight away. I look forward to hearing from you.

Comments and feedback

Please share with us any feedback we can use to continue to improve the support we are able to offer.

Keeping in touch 25/03/2020
Today we enter our third day an establish new routines, practice our learning and find our way in a world that continues to change around us. As a community we continue to support each other and I and the rest of the team are so proud of the children and their resilience. In school we have practiced our learning, joined in PE, had a go at math but most of all  joined in with things that make us smile. Hearing the support you as a community have given to each other is incredibly heartwarming and something for everyone to be so very proud of. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you find yourself needing support or a friendly ear during this difficult time. We may not be there physically however our thoughts remain with you and the children. Today I was reminded of a quote that carries an important message for us all to remember 'they may forget what you said but they will never forget how you made them feel'- CarlW. Buehner. Remember you are all superhero's. 

Dear parents and children welcome to the Busy Bee's class pages.


Unfortunately we may not see all of you for a while however please be assured you are very much in our thoughts. We continue to be extremely proud of the children's achievements so far and cannot wait to see all the new things they have learnt when we are together as a group again. We recognise that this must be a difficult and worrying time for some families however we are reassured that the children are safe with their first and most important teachers- you. Over the next few weeks, I will be adding suggestions and activities for you to enjoy with your children at home. Please be reassured these are only a suggestion of activities that you may choose and are designed to build on the great play opportunities already happening at home. Every moment is a learning experience and being part of everyday tasks such as reading, cooking, shopping and talking are all fantastic opportunities for learning.


As a school and nursery we continue to open for our most vulnerable families and those of key workers so please do contact us if you need additional support and fit within these guidelines.


As well as this, I will leave links to useful free resources. These are just a suggestion of things you could use and any of them may be really beneficial to your children. Please check back often for updates and changes to the page.


Have fun and take loads of pictures of your learning at home that we can all share together once we are back at nursery!


Kind regards.


The Busy Bees Team

As we know effective hand washing is a vital part of the Governments strategy in combating coronavirus. Please find additional support materials below to help encourage your child to keep themselves safe and reduce the risk of the virus spreading.

A story to read and colour in to support the children to develop a greater understanding of self hygiene.

Fun indoor activities. how many can you do?

Useful websites and online resources

World Book Day potatoes

Welcome to our school website - Easter Holiday Club bookings available now, please return all booking forms by 17th March.