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Keeping in touch 25/03/2020
Today we enter our third day an establish new routines, practice our learning and find our way in a world that continues to change around us. As a community we continue to support each other and I and the rest of the team are so proud of the children and their resilience. In school we have practiced our learning, joined in PE, had a go at math but most of all  joined in with things that make us smile. Hearing the support you as a community have given to each other is incredibly heartwarming and something for everyone to be so very proud of. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you find yourself needing support or a friendly ear during this difficult time. We may not be there physically however our thoughts remain with you and the children. Today I was reminded of a quote that carries an important message for us all to remember 'they may forget what you said but they will never forget how you made them feel'- CarlW. Buehner. Remember you are all superhero's. 

Dear parents and children welcome to the Busy Bee's class pages.


Unfortunately we may not see all of you for a while however please be assured you are very much in our thoughts. We continue to be extremely proud of the children's achievements so far and cannot wait to see all the new things they have learnt when we are together as a group again. We recognise that this must be a difficult and worrying time for some families however we are reassured that the children are safe with their first and most important teachers- you. Over the next few weeks, I will be adding suggestions and activities for you to enjoy with your children at home. Please be reassured these are only a suggestion of activities that you may choose and are designed to build on the great play opportunities already happening at home. Every moment is a learning experience and being part of everyday tasks such as reading, cooking, shopping and talking are all fantastic opportunities for learning.


As a school and nursery we continue to open for our most vulnerable families and those of key workers so please do contact us if you need additional support and fit within these guidelines.


As well as this, I will leave links to useful free resources. These are just a suggestion of things you could use and any of them may be really beneficial to your children. Please check back often for updates and changes to the page.


Have fun and take loads of pictures of your learning at home that we can all share together once we are back at nursery!


Kind regards.


The Busy Bees Team

As we know effective hand washing is a vital part of the Governments strategy in combating coronavirus. Please find additional support materials below to help encourage your child to keep themselves safe and reduce the risk of the virus spreading.

A story to read and colour in to support the children to develop a greater understanding of self hygiene.

Fun indoor activities. how many can you do?

Fun indoor activities. how many can you do?  1

Building Blocks of Early Reading & Writing

Useful websites and online resources

World Book Day potatoes

World Book Day potatoes  1
School is now only open for children whose parents are key workers or who are vulnerable and have no alternative childcare. If you require a place please contact the school using the emergency contact numbers that can be found in "About Us" under contact details.