Parental Comments

Here is some parental feedback from the recent "Lockdown Survey".


SURVEY QUESTION "What have your children enjoyed most about the activities, support or ideas provided?"


"We have especially loved the videos and stories done by teachers and children to keep us in touch".


"Mr Crane reading a story has been lovely for our son, just to see him. The padlet is also great".


"The hands on activities like a science experiment one we had the other week".


"Imogen has loved watching and listening to Mr Crane reading stories".

"My children have loved coming in to school and having the one on one time with the teachers".


"The uplifting quotes from Mr Cannon and the well-being packs that Kathryn kindly dropped off".


"How have the Chesterton Challenges helped you and your children stay in touch with staff?"


"They both look forward to it it's a wave of emotions they get do excited and laughing we all love it".


"We have loved watching them and seeing all the staff. They're watched multiple times here!"


"It’s just been lovely to see the teachers having fun at such a crazy time, keeping the kids smiling".


"It's been a great way of keeping in touch and Lee has really enjoyed seeing you all".


"The chidren both love seeing people they know on the video, and it makes us feel like you all care".


"My children have really enjoyed watching the Chesterton challenges and readings well worth the time".


"We as a family have really enjoyed the Chesterton Challenges, race to see who sees it first!!"


"It’s helped a lot to see all the staff as we miss them and can’t wait to see them again, thank you".


"We’ve loved watching the videos! Made us smile and laugh each week".


"Its helped seeing the staff and reassuring for my son to see that their ok".


"They have loved watching the stories & videos and spotting their teachers they miss them very much!"

SURVEY QUESTION - "What is working well for you?"


"Having a range of different activities to choose from but not feeling pressured". 


"Schoolwork is usually ready to print off the night before which helps keep our morning routine".


"The presentation of the learning areas for each day, the ability to contact Teacher for support".


"Each day receiving a maths, reading, writing and curriculum task that is perfect for her ability".


"The fact the boys can still come into school and the teachers have done an amazing job".