The Mindful Jar

Create your own mindful jar to explore feelings of upset and anger, talk to your child about how the glitter settles as we start to feel calm.


Feeling Mixed Up? Remember This Jar | The Mindfulness Toolkit

What happens when we take a moment to let our mind settle? Here's a quick and simple way to be more mindful.Subscribe to ABC ME! - M...

Hi 5 Breathing

Use the high 5 breathing technique to support your child to feel calm and manage difficult emotions.



Five Finger Breath

A quick and easy breathing technique for kids and adults to calm the mind and body.

De-escalation Tips for Parents

When your child is struggling to manage big emotions, their behaviour may become difficult to manage. Hopefully some of the tips below will reassure you that you are not alone and support you to help your child work through any difficulties they may be having.

Calming & De-escalation Strategies

In this video, we discuss Low and Slow, Name it to Tame it, and Regulate over Educate- three strategies to use when helping someone de-escalate.For more reso...

Cosmic yoga


Rainbows and Adventure 🌈 (Week 82) | Cosmic Kids Yoga

🌈 We've squeezed in as many rainbows and as much adventure as we can in this week's Yoga Club. 🌈 Watch our videos ad-free on the Cosmic Kids app: https://a...