If you would like your child to attend our school, please see full details of our admission arrangements below.  


Starting a new school is a very important step. We aim to cater for every child and are always happy to hear parents’ views. 


Reception Class - September Admissions 


You will be sent a Common Application Form by Gloucestershire County Council to complete by 30th January for admission the following September, or this can be done online via the Local Authority's portal. The Local Authority will send you your unique login details and password. New entrants may be admitted in the September before their fifth birthday.  

See the link at the bottom of the page to the Gloucestershire County Councils Admissions page


Parents of the children who have been offered and accepted, are invited to an informal meeting during the Summer Term before the child starts school. Our current Pupil Admission Number (PAN) is 30 per class. They are able to meet and talk with the class teachers, support staff and the Head Teacher. There will be ample opportunity for questions and discussions and the planning of future visits. Children also are invited to attend a number of transition visits during the summer term. 


Children start on the first day of the new academic year, transition is staggered and is arranged dependant on each cohort.  In general terms, part-time attendance increases to full-time. Sometimes a very young child may prefer a long period of part-time attendance. This is perfectly possible through discussion with the class teacher and Headteacher. 


Our main feeder pre-school is part of our own Busy Bees Nursery, details of Busy Bees can be found on the Busy Bees pages of this website. Visits can be arranged through the main school office on 01285 654796. Busy Bees caters for both 30 and 15 hours funding. 


In Year School Admissions 

Parents moving into the area and wishing to send their child to this school are invited to contact the School Office for information and to arrange a visit. 


Prospective parents should complete an In Year Admission Form provided by Gloucestershire County Council as well as our own Admission Form for the school. We ask that these completed forms be returned back to our school office as soon as possible so we can confirm if a place is available for your child in their year group. Forms can be found at the bottom of the page and can be sent back to us by post or electronically.

Gloucestershire In Year Admissions Common Application Form

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