Climate Change Debate Dec 2019

Year 6 pupils were invited to submit questions for a 'Climate Change Debate' which took place on Thursday 5th December 2019 in Tetbury.

The children organised their own class debate to focus on their concerns regarding climate change and environmental concerns. The questions below were submitted to the organisers for inclusion in the debate


  • What are you 5 top tips for children to help slow down climate change? - Tia
  • Do you have plans to increase the number of rubbish bins on our streets to decrease litter pollution and how many of those will involve recycling points? Om
  • What are you currently doing in your everyday life to help reduce plastic? Whole class
  • Are we all truly aware of the damage that has been done to our world? Rosie
  • What are your plans to reduce the number of cigarette ends that end up on the floor? Om
  • What are you plans to reduce plastic pollution? - Lewis

 The children were delighted to watch the video to discover that most of their questions were posed to the Parliamentary Candidates on the evening. Please see the link below