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Welcome to the Year 6 class page.


Each day the children should complete the English, maths and curriculum activities and ideally should be reading and completing a PE type session daily. I have put a suggestion for PE under the curriculum section - but anything that raises your heart rate is perfect! We completed one of the Joe Wicks workouts at school on Monday - don't underestimate them!

I have also attached some links to websites that the children can access if they have finished the work provided and want to do more. Some of which offer help and advice if they become stuck.

It would be lovely for the children to share what they have been up to when we are back at school so please can children complete their work in the work book provided or any notebook that you may have. 

If you do something you are really proud of during this time at home, it might be a drawing, activity or maybe a meal you've helped to make - take a picture - we can then look at all of your amazing photos when we are back at school!

Please check back regularly as I will be posting updates daily and adding any other links I have found.


I have put each week under a different tab - the stars - to help keep everything easy to find.


Many thanks,


Miss Howard

PE Resources

I thought that I would add some information to help you all to stay active over the coming weeks. At school we use a PE scheme of work called Real PE. The company who produce this have opened up some of their online learning platform called Jasmine to parents and families. 

It is called Real Play and it will give you some easy activities and adventures to enjoy with your children at home.

I would be trying to aim to be physically active for about an hour a day which can be tricky now we are not allowed to go out to parks etc. 


The website address is: 
Parent email:
Password:  chesterton

Chesterton Challenge

Screen Free Activities

Multiplication Square

5 Minute Move | Kids Workout 1 | The Body Coach TV

Great for all ages but aimed primarily at Key Stage 1 40 seconds work | 20 seconds rest Marching On The Spot Star Jumps Low Sprint Shuffle Squats Climb The Rope

Home Learning Packs

Home Learning Packs 1

Plan Bee

Plan Bee 1

Learning Ideas - Self-Isolation

World Book Day potatoes

World Book Day potatoes  1

Climate Change Debate

Year 6 pupils were invited to submit questions for a 'Climate Change Debate' which took place on Thursday 5th December 2019 in Tetbury.

The children organised their own class debate to focus on their concerns regarding climate change and environmental concerns. The questions below were submitted to the organisers for inclusion in the debate


  • What are you 5 top tips for children to help slow down climate change? - Tia
  • Do you have plans to increase the number of rubbish bins on our streets to decrease litter pollution and how many of those will involve recycling points? Om
  • What are you currently doing in your everyday life to help reduce plastic? Whole class
  • Are we all truly aware of the damage that has been done to our world? Rosie
  • What are your plans to reduce the number of cigarette ends that end up on the floor? Om
  • What are you plans to reduce plastic pollution? - Lewis

 The children were delighted to watch the video to discover that most of their questions were posed to the Parliamentary Candidates on the evening. Please see the link below

Year 6 On Line Safety

On Tuesday 12th November 2019 we had a visit from PC Davis, she talked to us about on line safety. We learnt about online profiles, what information is safe to share, the reason for age restrictions and how to create a safe password.


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School is now only open for children whose parents are key workers or who are vulnerable and have no alternative childcare. If you require a place please contact the school using the emergency contact numbers that can be found in "About Us" under contact details.