Year 4 Class Page

Summer 2 Week


Good Morning Year 4 and Parents,


Well this is it! I can't believe this is the last week of the school year and year 4. I am really sorry we didn't get to spend it all together. 


Please find attached this week's resources. It's the final week on 'Goblinology', however I have also included an extension booklet for English too. 


I hope you have a wonderful Summer!!! 


As always, Keep safe, thinking of you all. 


Mr Cannon


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Summer 2 Week 6


Good Morning Year 4 and Parents,


I hope you all had a good weekend, please find attached this weeks learning. Remember English will be the same. 


Keep safe,


Mr Cannon


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Summer 2 - Week 5


Good Morning Year 4 and parents,


I hope you have had a good week? Please find attached this weeks learning resources. English this time will last for 3 weeks and maths for 1 week. 


Keep safe and missing you all,


Mr Cannon


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Summer 2 - Week 4


Good Morning Year 4 and Parents,


Welcome to week 4 of the Summer term 2. I hope you are all well


Please find below this weeks suggested resources. Remember the English continues for this week plus also the new maths booklet posted below.


Keep safe and will post again,


Mr Cannon

Summer Term 2 - Week 3


Good Morning Year 4 and Parents! Welcome to week 3.


Please find below the resources for English and Maths. Remember English will last two weeks and the Maths one week.


Keep safe, will post again next week.


Mr Cannon

Summer Term 2 - Week 2


Welcome to week 2 of the summer term 2,


Please find below week 2 (summer term) of home learning. The English stays the same as it is a two week block of learning. Maths I have added to the page. 


Keep safe,missing you all!


Mr Cannon


Summer Term 2 - Week 1


Good Morning Year 4 and Parents,


Welcome back after what would have been May half term. 


Home learning will be changing from this week. I will no longer be posting daily activities to do. Instead, each week, I will be posting a workbook for English, maths and a weekly project for curriculum. The English workbook will last for two weeks, whereas the maths and curriculum one week.


Missing you all and I hope we will see each other soon!


Keep safe,


Mr Cannon

Learning Ideas - Self-Isolation

World Book Day Potatoes

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