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Good morning everyone!


I hope that you had a lovely Easter break and managed to enjoy the sunshine and maybe even a bit of chocolate too!

On the week 3 page, I have added a selection of activities to complete throughout the week. Again, I will add a suggested timetable for these activities but do not feel as though you need to stick rigidly to this. Please email in to admin if you have any queries and I will aim to add some videos as the week progresses.


I hope you are all keeping well.

Thanks for your support. 


Kind regards


Mr Tew





Good morning everyone, I hope that this message finds you all well. Enjoy the weekend and hopefully the sun shines for a little bit longer! I have now added all of next week's learning to the week 2 page. 

I hope that everything in there makes sense!


We had a little go this week at home at using the Real PE at home resources. It was great fun and we particularly enjoyed a game of popping pirates! If you haven't had a chance to log in and give it a go I would really recommend it. Everything is done for you and you simply have to follow the instructions it gives. Great for keeping fit and healthy. The log in details are found further down on this page.


Have a lovely restful weekend and I hope you enjoy the learning I have set for this week.


Kind regards


Mr Tew


Thursday 26/3/2020

Good morning everyone!

I hope that the last few days have been ok and we are all adjusting to life at home rather than at school.

BBC Radio 4 published 5 top tips for home schooling which might be worth a read!


I have updated the page below to seperate the work I leave into week long blocks. This will make it easier for you to find the relevant work each week. Please let the office know throught the usual email address if you are having an issue with anything and I will work to resolve it as quickly as possible.


I will try to keep adding some fun challenges as well such as the Lego building challenge below. I would highly recommend you log in and have a go at the PE resources I have left below as well. I have so far managed to tire my son out enough that he is sleeping well and not making tooooo much of a fuss about doing his school work!


I hope you have all managed to enjoy a bit of the sunshine over the last few days.


Kind regards


Mr Tew




Welcome to the Year 3 class page. 

Thank you for your support during these challenging times. 

Over the next few weeks, I will be adding work and activities for you to complete with your children at home.

You may feel that there is a daunting amount of work to complete but please just do what you can. I would rather offer you too much than leave you without work to complete with your children.

Each week I will leave Reading, English, Maths and Curriculum work and a small timetable overview of activities.

As well as this, I will leave links to useful free resources. These are just a suggestion of things you could use and any of them will be really beneficial to your children. I have divided the page below up into subjects to make them easier to find.

Please check back often for updates and changes to the page. 

Have fun and take loads of pictures of your learning at home that we can all share together once we are back at school!


Kind regards


Mr Tew

Home learning

PE Resources

I thought that I would add some information to help you all to stay active over the coming weeks. At school we use a PE scheme of work called Real PE. The company who produce this have opened up some of their online learning platform called Jasmine to parents and families. 

It is called Real Play and it will give you some easy activities and adventures to enjoy with your children at home.

I would be trying to aim to be physically active for about an hour a day which can be tricky now we are not allowed to go out to parks etc. 


The website address is: 
Parent email:
Password:  chesterton



What we are up to at home!

I am a huge believer in keeping children as active as possible. This morning, we tuned in at 9:00 to see Joe deliver his first online PE lesson on his YouTube channel (see the useful ideas below for details.)

This provided my boys with a fantastic 30 minute workout and by the end of it everyone was exhausted! I would strongly recommend something like this as keeping to the 60 minutes + recommended physical exercise each day may prove to be a challenge!

We then relaxed and calmed ourselves down with some Cosmic Kids Yoga, also on YouTube (details below as well). 

These two activities have set my son (aged 6 so in Year 1) up well to complete some of the work set by his school.

I hope your first morning away from school has been ok so far and I am thinking of you all at this tricky time!


Kind regards


Mr Tew



Creative Challenge

I am going to add a 30 day creative challenge. The challenge is designed with Lego in mind but you could complete each challenge using any construction equipment you like such as junk modelling.

I will add another challenge each day for the next 30 days.

Useful links and ideas

Learning Ideas - Self-Isolation

World Book Day Potatoes

Tribal tales - Avebury Trip

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