Year 2

I have created this table to give a description of the remote learning being sent home, what it looks like and how it reflects the normal daily learning opportunities for Year 2 in school.

Early Morning Learning Phonics English Maths Reading Curriculum





Skill practise




Maths activity

In school Year 2:


Revision of sounds learnt so far 

Practise of blending skills for reading

Practise of segmenting (sounding out) for writing

Practise of key words

Learning a new sound

Applying it

In school Year 2:


Writing focus lesson linked to text


In school, Year 2 are practising how to write the date and WALT themselves and using a ruler to underline.


In school Year 2:


Learning steps linked to current Maths unit

smiley Practise it in 'Do it'

smiley Explain reasoning and understanding in 'Challenge it'

smileyProblem solve in 'Solve it'


Maths on track- revision practise of specific objectives

Focus text of the week


VIPERS questions

(see Reading sub page for info)




Linked to main topic












At home Year 2 have access to:


smiley A  daily phonics power point covering lesson


No printing required.

Listen along and join in with the power point.


Children will need something to write on.


(Some Year 2 will also be emailed with extra practise for previous sounds learnt) 

At home Year 2 have access to:


smiley A daily writing challenge linked to a Talk for Writing text (number of tasks vary based on length)


Most information is intended to be read on screen so usually no printing required or can be written on paper if preferred/no access to printer.


Year 2, can you have a go at writing the long date on your work using your neatest writing? You can copy it from the daily task.


At home Year 2 have access to:


smiley A daily maths power point covering lesson objective with modelled examples


For some activities, printing is preferential if an option however Year 2 will still be able to use the tasks on the screen and record their responses on plain paper.


Year 2, can you have a go at writing the short date?

For example 10.1.2021

At home Year 2 have access to:


smiley A weekly text 


Questions to read and respond to on their own paper.


Printing not required for questions.


Once Year 2 have read questions (with or without support) they can have a go at answering the questions independently).


If possible, a printed version of the text would help reading. This would be one sheet (max 2) a week.


At home Year 2 have access to:


smiley A daily curriculum challenge linked to topic or Year 2 objectives







Thank you whole heartedly for supporting where you can with remote learning at home. Many of the activities, once instructions read and understood, can be completed independently as much as possible (such as reading questions, phonics, topic, revision challenges). 


We do ask that completed work be photographed and sent via the email address.


We fully understand just how tricky balancing remote learning at home with adult's work load and general home life is. Your support is greatly appreciated.


Thank you Year 2 families, 

Mrs Morris smiley




Monday 8th February.


Dear families,


Thank you so much for your hard work this half term. Only 4 more days of this term left before a very well deserved break. Thank you to those who have continued to send in photos of learning. I was especially pleased to receive some wonderful riddle videos last week.


Thank you also to those who sent in their reading records for reading at home. If you haven't yet sent it over, it would be gratefully received. We are asking for these to be emailed in on a Friday.


If you have any learning you haven't had a chance to send in yet, it's not too late!! Even if it is not their most recent work, please send any photos of work your child has completed to the Year 2 email address so we can see how we can further help to support your child at home. 


In preparation for Wednesday/Thursday curriculum time at home, I wanted to pre-warn you that the children will be asked to make their own sea creatures using junk modelling material (eg recycling) as we will be discussing plastic in our oceans. I wanted to let you know in case your recycling collection day is due before that and you wanted to save some bits before putting the recycling out.


There will be NO LEARNING TASKS set for Friday as it is a non pupil day. Half term break follows with a second non pupil day on Monday 22nd February.

You will then be able to find work on the website again for Tuesday 23rd February onwards.


I hope you all have a wonderful break together over half term and thank you again.

I look forward to seeing learning from this week and any other older outstanding pieces of learning you are able to send it.

Mrs Morris laugh


Dear Year 2,


Thank you to all children and their families who are putting in a great amount of hard work both at home and in school. 


This week, you will find the learning under the categories as usual, however in reading, please check that you are selecting the correct version of the text in line with your phonics group. The children who have been invited to join Miss Morrison's phonics session, please select that text. If you haven't, please follow the reading task set for Mrs Morris' group.


Please also find snippets of me reading chapters from a book I recently found called 'Blob' by David Walliams. It ties in brilliantly with our Beachcombers theme and science learning about adaptations in sea creatures. It is a book about a Blobfish called Blob. Now, a Blobfish is creature which lives in the depths of the ocean at about 2,000-4,000 metres. It has a jelly-like body which stops it from getting crushed under the pressure of the water from living so deep. I hope you enjoy sharing the book together, perhaps at the end of the day.


I wonder what books you've been discovering recently at home? I have another book about unusual animals that I can't wait to share with you next week!! Thank you also to everyone who has started to use Oxford Owl. Everyone has been sent a second letter from Miss Morrison regarding further details for home reading, along with an email from myself to specify the book we would like your child to read at home within the Oxford Level.


I hope you are all safe and well.


Mrs Morris :) 

January 2021 Maths Knowledge organisers- learning objectives coverage Term 3 (until half term)

January 2021- Phonics resources to support reading and writing at home



Hello everyone!


We have all made it to half term and this term seems to have been a really long one. I think the children are exhausted and looking forward to a little break. We have had so much fun this week planting up our herb gardens and finished our 'Scented Garden' topic. 

In Maths, we have been continuing to practise our strategies for adding 2 digit numbers.

We also developed our understanding of how to use those pesky full stops and capital letters for successfully and how to use an 'and' correctly to join two of our sentences together.


Below I have attached the 'knowledge organiser' for next term's topic. This shows all of the information that we will be learning including some of the tricky words and vocabulary. If you have a chance to share this with your children that would give them a head start next term!


Keep your eye on the website over the next few weeks as I will be adding more phonics games and activities as we head towards the phonic screening test next term.


As always, thank you for your continuing support.


Kind regards


Mr Tew



Good morning everyone,


I cannot believe we are getting closer to half term already. This term seems to have flown by. It has been really wonderful to get to speak to everyone this week for parent telephone consultations. Thank you all so much for your commitment and support for the education of your children. 

During our telephone consultations I made you aware of the phonics screening test which is coming up next term. To help prepare the children for this, I have added some phonics games and activities to the website as well as words to practice reading. 

The phonic screening test will ask your children to read a range of real and 'alien' (made up) words. The children simply need to read the sounds they can see in the word and blend them together even if it is not a real word. 

I hope you all enjoyed the lavender bags your children had carefully prepared for you. Our classroom smelled absolutely amazing all of last week. 

We are beginning to round up our science investigations and will be conducting some final observations on our growing plants next week. 

We also have the pyjama party to look forward to, which I am sure many of your children have told you about!!


Have a fabulous weekend

Kind regards


Mr Tew

Home Learning

2nd October 2020


Good morning everyone!


As we come to the end of another exciting week in Year 2, I wanted to take this opportunity to update you all on what we have been up to and suggest a few home learning activities to help your children.


This week we have been learning more about plants in our topic 'The Scented Garden.' 

Our herb gardens and flowers are growing nicely and we have observed some big changes in them this week.

We have learnt about cacti. What they are and where in the world they grow.

We have also learnt a bit about the Amazon Rainforest and compared it to our British Woodland.


We enjoyed another action packed Rugby session with Bianca on Wednesday (although we did get a little bit soggy!)


In Maths, our focus has been on 2d shapes and we have learnt to identify pentagons, hexagons and octagons.


I am really looking forward to Monday already! Have a lovely weekend.


Mr Tew


News just in: Missing sweets at Chesterton School!

Planting our herb gardens

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