Year 2



Welcome to Year 2. We have got off to great start so far this term, learning all about exercise and how it keeps our bodies healthy. 

In Maths we have been learning about number and place value, looking at 2 digit numbers.

In English we have learnt a crazy story called 'The Papaya that Spoke!' Ask your children and see if they can remember what happens in it.

In our curriculum topic we are learning all about plants. We went on a learning walk around the school and looked at all of the beautiful flowers and plants that grow all around us. 

This afternoon we are going to plant our own herb garden and try to grow some flowers!


Have a fabulous week


Mr Tew



Home Learning

Where Year 1 had not been completed in full, we have discovered a number of gaps in children's phonic knowledge going into Year 2. 

We are working really hard to address these gaps but would be incredibly grateful if you could support us to help your children practise reading and writing the sounds at home.

Attached below are the phonic mats for phase 2, 3, and 5. Pupils entering Year 2 should have a solid understanding of these sounds.

I have also added the common exception words for Years 1 and 2. These are words which need to be learnt by sight as they may not fit into the phonic patterns.


Thank you for supporting your children at home. It truly is appreciated.

Mr Tew

Planting our herb gardens and flowers!

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