Year 1

Welcome to Year 1,


I am really impressed with how the children have settled into life in Year 1, particularly with their independence in coming in to school every morning and their resilience with their learning and getting  into the 'new' routines of being back at school.


This term in Maths, we are learning to:


  • Count to 20, forwards and backwards
  • Count to 20, forwards and backwards from a given number and stopping at a given number
  • Count up to 20 objects accurately 
  • Read and write numbers in numerals and words to 20
  • Represent numbers from 0 to 20 on a number line
  • Compare numbers - which is more/less
  • Order numbers to 20
  • Find one more than a given number up to 20
  • Find one less than a given number up to 20


Extra practising of these at home would be really helpful!


This term in English, we have been learning:


  • Non-Fiction - writing missing/ wanted posters for Goldilocks, Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf (It has been so lovely that children have made their own posters at home!)
  • Fiction - retelling a meeting tale 'Money See, Monkey Do' and writing the story with simple substitutions


This term in Phonics, we have been focussing on reading and writing words and sentences with the sounds:


  •  s or ss, l or ll, f or ff, z or zz
  •  j, v, w, x, y, 
  •  qu, sh, th, ch, ng, ai, ee, oa, oo, ar, or


Below is a sound mat for both Phase 2 and Phase 3. Practising to find these sounds and write these sounds will really help the children with their reading and writing.


The tricky words that we are learning to read and write are:


  • I, the, no, go, into
  • he, me, we, she, be, was, are and you


Again, practising to read and write these words at home would be really helpful!


This term in Reading, we have been learning to:

  • Predict (guess what the story is going to be about/ what might happen next)
  • Clarify vocabulary (work out word meanings using clues in the text)
  • Retrieve (explain what is happening, when and how)
  • Infer (explain why or how something is happening/ how a character is feeling and why they are behaving the way they are)
  • Explain (explain our thoughts and opinions about a story)


We are in the process of setting up 'Reading at Home' and we will update you on this very soon. However, when reading stories to your child see below for some example questions that you could ask to check their comprehension of the story you are reading to them.


This term we are having great fun learning about a science based topic 'The Enchanted Woodland'. 

We have/are going to:


  • Explored life in a wood 
  • Been on a tree hunt to identify and name trees
  • Compared and grouped trees into whether they are deciduous or evergreen
  • Explored bird life 
  • Learnt about which animals live in the woodland, what their habitats are called and how a wood helps them to survive
  • Made dens and nests in our wood for woodland creatures
  • Label and described the basic structure of plants
  • Carry out a simple investigation about pine cones
  • Make a woodland crown

Curriculum photos

Tree Hunt

Bird Life

Making dens and nests for woodland creatures




Year 1 Spellings

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