Week beginning 8th June

This week we are going to be thinking about community. We will start this topic by looking at some of the artwork that has recently been developed to pay tribute to everyone in the community during this difficult time. We will be thinking about how we can use different tools and materials to create fantastic works of art. We are aiming to display these along the whirly path. If you are at home please feel free to send us a photo of your artwork and we will add these when complete. I have included our chosen artwork below.

Although these will be our starting inspiration every child will have the chance to make their artwork unique by using different materials, words, ideas and images.


We will be sharing lots of discussion around:

  • people who help us
  • how we stay safe
  • What/who makes us feel happy?
  • what is a community?
  • which communities do we belong to?
This weeks letters and sounds
Fine motor activities
This weeks maths
Last week we explored groups and challenged ourselves to double the number by counting and dividing objects, this week we re going to look at how those groups change when we share objects. We will look at problems that involve sharing for example what happens when you have one cake and there are two people? How could you share this fairly? This is a great activity to repeat regularly when playing games and  sharing cards or counters, when sharing food such a s sweets, apples, cake and pizza or when taking turns and exploring the concept of fair.

Numberjacks | Fair Shares | S1E32

Things aren't being shared fairly, thanks to the Problem Blob - 6 makes everything all right. FUN FACT! WHAT is Numberjacks? It is all about excitement, fun ...

Can you plan your own teddy bears picnic using your teddies or dolls? Challenge yourself further by using the sheet below to record your answers using marks or numerals.

Read these together. 'Using props support and model ways to solve the problems. Encourage your child to suggest their own ideas and begin to problem solve.

Story of the week


The Dot

The Dot is a 2003 picture book written and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds about a girl named Vashti who discovers her artistic talent. It is published by C...

  • Use the words ‘Just make a mark and see where it takes you,’ as inspiration for your own artwork. What type of mark will you make? Where will it take you? What materials will you use?
  • Make a picture that consists of dots.
  • Think of different types of art materials that can be used to make a dot. Can you try them all? How are they similar / different? Which is your favourite? Why?
  • Vashti experiments with different colours. Can you try to mix colours to make new ones? Make a chart that shows what happens when you mix different groups of colours together
  • Can you create your own ‘Dot to Dot’ pictures?
  • Vashti says that she can’t draw. Has there ever been a time when you thought that you couldn’t do something? How did you overcome it?
  • How can you help others when they don’t believe that they can do something?
  • Look at the illustrations. How is Vashti feeling in each picture? How can you tell?
  • Use this story as the starting point for discussions about ‘growth mindset’. What happens to Vashti when she starts to believe that she can draw?
Song of the week

I Can Count To Twenty Song | Numberblocks

The Numberblobs challenge Twenty to a singing count-off. Who can count to 20 in the most original ways? Learn how to count up and down and in steps with the ...

Activities to support this week's learning

Occupations Song ♫ Community Helpers Kids Song ♫ Best Kids Songs ♫ Career Song ♫The Learning Station

This is an occupations, community helpers, professions, jobs, careers and my neighborhood song for children. #1 best kids songs for children! Children will l...