Week beginning 4th May

VE day on Friday 8th May. Let's celebrate by having a garden/carpet tea party. 

 Decorate you own party bunting and flags. Can you make cupcakes, decorate biscuits, make your own sandwiches. Please send in pictures 

This weeks letters and sounds This weeks maths  This weeks topic

Voice sounds (in conjunction with

Trumpets) Show children how they can make sounds with their voices,

for example:

 Make your voice go down a slide

– wheee!

 Make your voice bounce like a ball

– boing, boing

 Sound really disappointed

– oh

 Hiss like a snake

– ssssss

 Keep everyone quiet – shshshsh

 Gently moo like a cow – mmmoooo

 Look astonished – oooooo!

 Be a steam train – chchchchch  Buzz like a bumble bee – zzzzzzz

 Be a clock – tick tock


Collect objects and toys that link to different songs, e.g. a toy spider might represent Incy Wincy Spider. Can you make a song bag and sing together?


Explore patterns in lots of different

ways. Make patterns using body

percussion e.g. clap/stamp,

sounds e.g. instruments, objects or toys, drawing and painting. Can you find any patterns if you go for a walk e.g.the colours of the cars.


Have a go at representing numbers in different ways. How many different

ways can you represent each number

e.g.for number 1 as a numeral, as a word, as an object, as a drawing, as a line, as a dot, as an action...


Can you use marks to represent numbers on a walk e.g. record the number of bugs you find.

Read Jack and the Beanstalk


Make cotton wool clouds and draw what you would like to see at the top of the beanstalk.


Thread cheerios onto dry spaghetti- can you develop your fine motor skills.


Cut and stick your favourite pictures from a catalogue or magazine.


Paint a picture of the story setting.


Try hand painting and see what happens when the colours mix.


Set up a farm using your toys and pretend to be the giant.


Please remember all activities are optional and children learn best when they are engaged in meaningful play and conversation. However should you wish for some support structuring tasks here are this weeks reward checklists.


This weeks motivational checklists
Additional activities and resources to support this week's focus

Fine motor activities

This weeks math

I Can Show Numbers In So Many Ways!

A video showing lots of different ways children may use numbers at school.

All about patterns!

Story of the week

The Story of Jack and The Beanstalk - Fairy Tales for Kids

Song of the week

Mr Tumble Songs | There's a Worm at the Bottom of the Garden 🐛

Songs and Videos to support this weeks theme

The Listening Game | Cosmic Kids Zen Den - Mindfulness for kids

Superpower Listening | Cosmic Kids Zen Den - Mindfulness for kids

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