Week beginning 27th April

Please remember all activities are optional and children learn best when they are engaged in meaningful play and conversation. However should you wish for some support structuring tasks here are this weeks reward checklists.

This weeks letters and sounds 


This weeks maths ideas         This weeks topic ideas         

Play a sound descrimination game.

Create a sound tent using a pop up

tent or by hanging a blanket over a 

chair. Create different sounds using 

instruments and familiar objects. Can

the children recognise the sound and 

identify the hidden object. You could

extend this by practicing oral segmenting

and blending if your child is ready.

Please use the videos below to support

the correct sound pronunciation.. 


Play the big red barn game guessing

game using the rhyme below. If you do 

not have a barn why not make one out

of a cardboard box or choose a different 

place in the rhyme.


Play with alliteration using the rhyme below:

When Long Tall Sally was walking down the

alley Well, who do you think she saw? When

Long Tall Sally was walking down the alley

Well, this is who she saw? She saw...

Can the children suggest something with

the given sound, can you then extend this

to make an alliterative sentence e.g. 

that's right a tree, a tall, towering, tree. 

Emphasise the initial sounds.

Play a game e.g. snakes and ladders.

Practice counting, and pay attention

to the numbers on the dice.



Go outdoors and collect natural

objects, can you sort these in

different ways? Does the total

remain the same? Can you match

the correct quantity to the numeral.



Make a shape collage. If your child 

is confident recognising 2D shapes

then why not try junk modelling

and exploring 3D shape.


Have a go at planting if you are

able to.



Sequence the life cycle of a

growing bean.



Investigate the different parts

of a growing plant. 



Experiment by putting plants in

different environments, does

the bean grow without light?



Pick a flower. What happens?

Investigate growing and dying

to better understand and

experience the life cycle of a plant. 

This weeks motivational checklists
Additional activities and resources to support this week's focus

Fine motor activities using household objects

This weeks math

Counting to 10 and adding 1

10 Little Numbers

Story of the week

Jasper's Beanstalk - Nick Butterworth and Mick Inkpen

Song of the week

What do Plants Need to Grow?

What are the five things a plant needs to grow? A seed needs five things - Soil, Water; Space; Sun and Air

Songs and videos to support this weeks theme

Growing beans

Still image for this video
Watch Layla grow a bean from home

Can You Be A Runner Bean? | Energetic movements using lots of different beans!

Tumble Tots Actions Songs - Wake Up Your Muscles

44 Phonemes

It is really important to practice lots of phase 1 activities before moving on to formal teaching of phonics sounds however if you are using sound talk with your children please be aware of the pronunciation of different sounds opposed to the letter names. Children will move quickly into learning phonemes when they begin school - there is no rush and children all learn at their own pace however hearing adults model correct sound speak in games such as ispy or sorting by initial sound can develop their sound discrimination. This video is designed to support us as adults to model the correct pronunciation opposed to a teaching video for children, I hope you find this useful.

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