Week beginning 20th April

How has home learning changed?
After listening to some feedback and thinking about how we can develop home learning further I have added an optional checklist linked to activities in math, letters and sounds and topic throughout the week. Hopefully this will help you at home to motivate and engage the children in different tasks. Please do also remember however that these activities are optional and added to guide and support you, you will know your children best and the opportunities available at home. Much of what we do in early years is responsive to the observations we make therefore virtual learning poses its own challenges. There is space for you to add something fun when they have completed these fun activities. I have also included a blank template to help you plan tasks at home should you wish. Please use the comments box on the main preschool page to let me know if your children complete this or do something fantastic in their play and learning, this will allow us to keep in touch and send out a certificate to let the children know we are thinking of them and very proud of their achievements! 

Motivational checklists

Letters and sounds          Math                                        Topic                               

Have a go at a game on phonics


Make some silly soup with rhyming

or different sound objects.

Find objects beginning or ending 

with ssssss.

Make a cake- use language of

heavy and light and order the

ingredients by weight.

Explore play dough, make balls and

practice 1:1 correspondence, roll a 

snake and explore length or investigate


Cut and sequence the life cycle of a frog.

Draw, paint or stick your own frog.

Go outside and look for signs of

Spring animals returning and new


Story map the story of the Teeny, 

weeny Tadpole.


Additional activities and resources to support this week's focus


Below is a very simple frog craft. Alternatively you may get the paint out and your child may prefer to make something else, embrace this, they are being creative learners and will gain lots of confidence and knew learning by sharing their ideas with you.

A selection of simple fine motor activities using household items

This week's math

Family Fun: Heavy or Light?

If you don't have scales at home, here is a simple video to introduce measurement. Use consistent language and sentence stems when sharing this with the children for example heavy objects make the scales go down, light objects make the scales go up. Perhaps you could demonstrate this using your hands and a range of different objects or go outside and make some simple balance scales using a log and tray or plank. Challenge the children to respond using these sentence stems and ask questions for example 'which one is/is not the heaviest?' Asking them 'is not' questions can promote mastery and make the children think in a different way, you can then model the sentence stem 'this is not the lightest because the scales went down/did not go up'.
Then have a go at cooking, perhaps you have digital scales and can then look at how we record weight in numbers. Explore the different ingredients and order them by weight.

Learn Math with Playdough

Here is a simple video demonstrating some of the many mathematical concepts you can explore with play dough. Why not expand this by making several balls of play dough, counting theses and adding 1 more-can the children say the next number in sequence? Perhaps you could play a fun game squashing a ball of play dough- can the children say the number that is one less? Most of all have fun and you will find you are practicing math before you know it .

A selection of playdough mats to offer different levels of challenge, 1:1 correspondence, number bonds and counting, but most of all FUN!!

Story of the week

The Teeny Weeny Tadpole.

The Teeny Weeny Tadpole wishes to jump high like his mommy, little does he know how soon he will.

Song of the week

Five Little Speckled Frogs

A great opportunity to enjoy singing together and repeat the language of counting, more and less while just having fun!

Songs and videos to support this weeks learning

The Life Cycle of a Frog Song | Silly School Songs

The life cycle of a Frog

Frank The Frog | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

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