Week beginning 1st June

This weeks letters and sounds


This week in school we will be exploring oral blending as well as rhyme. We are going to take turns playing games that help us practice our listening skill's. We love using our robot voice to help the children hear the sounds that make up words.  

Fine motor activities 
This weeks motivational checklists
This weeks math activities
This week we are going to have another look at exploring different groups. First it's important to think about what the word group means. A good way to do this is to explore how objects can be grouped in different ways. You can do this with toys, coins, counters or even foods and household objects for example you could help mum or dad match socks or sort the fruit bowl. You might categorise the fruits/socks/toys by size, shape or color, remember to talk about how they groups may change but the total remains the same. Why not practice counting to 20 and see how big you can make each group? When you are really confident making different groups explore the concept of equal by making groups of the same number, can you add these together or double them?

Count to 20 and Workout | Fun Counting Song for Kids | Count by 1's to 20 | Jack Hartmann

Jack Hartmann's Count to 20 and Workout will have you counting to 20 as you engage your body and brain and workout as you count. Do a new set of exercises fo...

Sort the Same Group Two Different Ways | Preschool and Kindergarten | Kids Academy

Can you draw the correct number of leaves when sharing equally?

Can you make predictions and then count to see if you are correct? Can you count objects that cannot be moved?

DOUBLES! DOUBLES! (*new* 1-10 version)

Story of the week

While We Can't Hug

UPDATE: Now publishing 25th June! Hedgehog and Tortoise want to give each other a great big hug, but they're not allowed to touch. From the creators of the i...

Can you make a card or picture for someone you miss?

Can you play a social distance game with a friend and share a photo? Perhaps you could try Simon says, action songs, painting or hide and seek?

Song of the week

How to wash your hands NHS song | NHS

A child friendly song explaining how to wash your hands. For a written version of the full technique, head to The NHS website:

I Love to Rhyme | English Song for Kids | Rhyming for Children | Jack Hartmann

In this rhyming words song we give the first two words that rhyme and then students are asked to generate the third rhyming word on their own. This rhyming s...

Additional activities to support this weeks focus 

What would you add to your friendship soup?

What is the recipe for friendship? In this video, kids describe the ingredients that go into making friends. Free lesson plan at

Can you work with Mummy or Daddy to make your own bowl of friendship soup? What do you need to be a good friend?

Listen to the Cbeebies poem about friendship, can you choose your favourite words to describe friends?

You could use the letters of your friends names or a descriptive word such as kind to help structure a poem of your own. Perhaps you could explore the meaning of some new words to describe your friends, I've included a list of words below to explore by using all the letters contained within the poem above. You could work together to create your own poem and record it to share with a friend.

Maybe you could think of a sentence to describe your best friend and draw a picture of them to let them know that you are thinking of them.

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