Week beginning 11th May

Please do not feel you need to complete everything on this page, these are just a selection of activities to help and guide learning should you wish. I have included lots as the children all have  different interests so as always please feel free to pick and choose. You are all amazing and we are so proud of the children for coping and adjusting to such a significant change. 
With the Government news tonight I'm sure we all have lots to think about and while I still have many questions my thoughts turn to what this might mean for the children in the immediate future. Our children have enjoyed many walks in the quiet streets with very few cars or vehicles around, they may of had to step into the road to maintain the 2m distance on the paths or may of less frequently been outside. As lock down eases slightly and more people return to work roads and paths may be busier. It is important that our children remember how to keep themselves safe, with this in mind I have included a selection of road safety resources below.

This weeks ideas

Letters and sounds ideas Math's ideas                       Ideas linked to topic           

Demonstrate using the body

to make different sounds

(clap hands, stamp feet, click

fingers). Perform a pattern of

body sounds for the children

to copy and apply skills. 

Can children use a wide

vocabulary to talk about the

sounds they hear?


Rhyming Puppets

Give silly names to 2 puppets or

teddies(Fizzy, Wizzy, Lizzy and

Hob Tob). Talk to the puppets and

miss out the silly words or rhyming

words.  Encourage children to join

in saying the silly words.


Oral blending

Play touch your toys game.  Explain

to the children that they are going to

touch different toys when asked

to do so but they must listen for the

correct toy.  Say the toys name in

sound speak, touch your c-a-r, car,

b-u-s, toes, b-oo-k, book etc.

Make an obstacle course


Play hide and seek


Find teddy- emphasise positional



Play pairs using the positional

language cards

Have a teddy bears picnic- can

you think about sharing and

practice counting when you lay

your picnic out? Think about 

using different size teddies and




Make your own sandwiches 

or bake a cake for the picnic.


Use teddies or toys to act out

the story of Goldilocks  and the

three bears.




This weeks motivational checklists

Please use this if your child finds it helpful to have an additional guide to help them prepare for activities.

Fine motor activities 

Fine motor development | Playdough song | If you're happy and you know it

A fun playdough song to develop fine motor control and coordination - get your kids ready for writing! .

This weeks math

This week we will be exploring prepositions as well as practicing our counting. Prepositions are words that describe somethings position for example behind, in between or next to. I have included some fun songs to support the children as well as a page with example activities and resources you can print if you are able. Four of my favourite ways to practice prepositions are to:

  • create your own garden obstacle course. Remember to model the use of prepositional language for example who is under? Well done you jumped over!
  • Play hide and seek- 'wow, you were really good at hiding behind the bush!'
  • Plan a treasure hunt or hide your favourite toy- ' teddy was under the plant pot'
  • Blindfold play. Use a scarf to cover your eyes or close them so you can't see. Encourage your child to give you directions for example step over the toy, walk through the door, go under the table. Model this first- following your instructions will give your child a chance to practice their listening skills.

To encourage counting continue singing our number songs, counting things you find, looking for numbers in your daily exercise e.g. number plates or price labels and having fun with numbers.

In Front Of, Behind, Between | Prepositions Song for Kids

A song to teach 3 simple positional concepts when beginning to explore the use of positional language.

Where is it?

A video to support the understanding of on, under and in

Song of the week

When Goldilocks went to the house of the bears.

When Goldilocks Went to the House of the Bears

You could have a go at introducing story maps using the song for example very simply drawing or ordering the main parts and encouraging your child to retell the story using their previous knowledge. I have added some symbols below that may help if you.
Story of the week

Goldilocks and the Three Bears by Oxbridge Baby

Further support for home learning
Videos and activities to support this weeks theme
Have fun with sensory play by exploring porridge, use crayons and paint to make a picture of the bears, use blocks or junk modelling to make items from the story such as the chairs or bed or have a teddy bears picnic. I have included a few recipes below laugh