Week 8: 1st - 5th

Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a good half term and enjoyed the sunshine!


The work for this week will be a bit different to how I put it up before. Below are separate sections for English, Maths, Curriculum and Phonics. For Maths and English there will be booklets to work through with guidance from me as to how to spread out the activities over the week, and the Curriculum work will be a project with optional activity ideas for you to try out at home.

Phonics will be the same as before half term and I still encourage everyone to do as much reading as possible and to keep practicing your spellings as well.


Have a good week and stay safe,

Miss Taylor




The English booklet for this week and next week will be 'rainbows, rainbows everywhere!' 

My suggestion for the activities is:

Monday - pages 4 - 7

Tuesday - page 8

Wednesday - pages 9 - half way down 11 (to the end of the reading challenge)

Thursday - pages 11 - 12

Friday - page 13

(the rest of the booklet can be saved for next week)


Please remember that this is just a guide and if you need to go at a slower pace that is absolutely fine.



Below is the Maths work booklet and separate answer booklet, this week on place value.

My guide for the activities is:

Monday - A and D

Tuesday - B and F

Wednesday - C and E

Thursday - G

Friday - H

Leaders have high expectations and pupils are polite and well mannered. Behaviour is "good". Ofsted 2023