Week 6

Thursday 11th:


Hello everyone! Our Maths lesson is going to look a bit different today. As it is the end of the term, I need you all to complete a Remember It test, just like we normally do in school. All of the questions are related to what we have learned about in Maths since January so hopefully it will all look familiar to you!


Please try your best and remember that if you get stuck just leave the question, move on and you can come back to it at the end when you check your answers.

Also, it doesn't matter if you can't do a question or you think you have the wrong answer it will let me know what we, as a whole class, need to have another look at next term.


If you would like to print out the questions to work on that is fine but equally you can write down your answers on a separate piece of paper and just send that to me so I can see what answers you get.


Thank you all and have fun!

Miss Taylor

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