Week 5 04/5/2020


Hello everyone!

I have just realised that for the last week or so I have forgotten to update our daily Lego construction challenges!

I will resume those this week.

They are just a bit of fun if you feel you need to guide your children's play a little. 


Have a lovely week

Hope to see you all soon


Mr Tew

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From this week, we will be using some activity booklets for Talk 4 Writing which is the English scheme of work which we use in school. Some of the things the children may be asked to do such as 'boxing up' the story or drawing a 'story map' should be very familiar to them as these are things we use within school every week. 


I hope that you find the booklet easy to access. If you have any questions about it, please send your queries to the usual email addresses. 


If any of the activities do not make sense, please feel free to use it or not as you see fit.


Thanks everyone for your ongoing support!


Mr Tew

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