Week 3 20/4/2020



Hi everyone! 

I hope the horrible weather hasn't sent you all as doolally as it has sent my children! I have got a new load of work for everyone and hopefully you can all have a go at it. 

Just do your best and do what you can.


If you are looking for a little something extra to do, BBC Bitesize are now producing daily lessons at 9:00 each morning aimed at children of different year groups. 

It might be worth giving them a look.


Take care everyone. Miss you loads and hopefully see you soon.


Mr Tew

Home learning

Reading resources


English resources

This weeks sees the beginning of a brand new topic called 'Urban Pioneers.' This will be the focus of both our English and our curriculum work for this term. 

This week's work will be using ICT technology where possible as getting out and about to look at buildings isn't really a viable option!

I hope you have fun with the work this week.

Maths resources

As in previous weeks, we will be using the CanDo Maths Workout. 

Each day select 2 of the activities to give you a bit of variety. The work will focus on number and place value.


If you could also spend a bit of time using:


TT Rockstars


These will help to reinforce the learning that we have done so far this year.

Curriculum resources


Our new topic 'Urban Pioneers' is starting this week. 


I know that some parents were keen to have some spellings to practise at home.

Below is the statutory spelling list for Years 3 and 4.

I would recommend just choosing a few at a time and learning them off by heart.


Use the look, cover, say, write technique.


First you look at the tricky word and try to remember it. Then cover it over so you can't see it any more. Then say the word out loud so you can hear it and try to remember how it looks. Finally, write out the spelling. 

Keep practising them until you can do them off by heart. I will add this to the learning each week.

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