Week 1st March

Please enjoy choosing from the activities in the grid. There are some practical activities in the grid as well as a few printable options below. You will also find lots of ideas and fun activities within the PE and outdoor learning folders. If you would like the challenge of using your phonics in play I would love to see a sentence or caption about your super heroes, vegetable characters or story using the printable vegetable puppets below.
Make your own edible paints using the recipes below. Have a go at making your own fantastic picture.                                                      Explore how some foods change during cooking. Begin by looking at the properties of pasta. Set out a range of different coloured and shaped pasta pieces for your child to handle and sort. Then, cook the pasta and observe it at the various stages of cooking. Once the pasta is soft, drain it and allow your child to explore it, feeling the texture and tasting, if appropriate. Ask ‘How has the pasta changed?’ Encourage your child to use vocabulary, such as hard, soft, cook, boil and cool. Lay the pasta in a tray an practice cutting while you explore and cut some of the cooked pasta. Perhaps use the rest to create a healthy lunch. 3D art made with a vegetable. Encourage your child to draw faces and other features onto the vegetable that you have chosen to create characters. Alternatively draw these on paper and cut and stick or try combining several vegetables using cocktail sticks. Add other loose parts, such as stick on eyes, ears and lips. Tell your adult the name you have chosen for your character. 
Read the story Supertato or watch this online. Supertato - Books Alive! Read Aloud book for kids - Bing video Can you design your own Superhero? What would be it's special power? Have a go at baking. Make your own healthy muffins using the recipe below. Have a go at paper weaving using the instructions below.


Leaders have high expectations and pupils are polite and well mannered. Behaviour is "good". Ofsted 2023