W/C 12.05.2020

Since the beginning of term, we have been looking at using coordinating conjunctions, subordinating conjunctions and fronted adverbials in our grammar lessons to start including in our writing work. We have been practicing adding these to clauses to make sentences and now progressing onto forming full paragraphs. 

I have attached in the folder below the subordinating and coordinating conditions we have been looking at and a word mat of fronted adverbials. So far we have covered time and place fronted adverbials. 

This week could you write a paragraph (about 5-6 sentences) about a Bird of Prey of your choice. It can be one we have covered in our lessons or you can research your own. 

Please ensure you remember your commas, capital letters and full stops (and the amazing handwriting we have been working hard on!) 


I look forward to reading these! 

Leaders have high expectations and pupils are polite and well mannered. Behaviour is "good". Ofsted 2023