Snow Day 12th December

Phonics task - we have been focusing on rhyming and have really enjoyed this! Can you find and listen out for the rhyming words in the poem below ⬇️

Santa Claus!
His hair is white
His suit is red
He wears a hat to cover his head
He laughs this way; ho ho ho
And drives his sleigh
Through sleet and snow ❄️

Hi everyone, hopefully you have all now checked your emails and seen tomorrow the nursery will be closed due to the snow.
Here are a few activities you could do if you would like

To see if you can create a snowman using items from around the house, thinking about what shapes you might need

Can you create a drawing from what you can see looking out the window

After a busy day in the snow you might be hungry can you help make lunch buttering sandwiches cutting up vegetables ect

Maths challenge- can you draw some shapes in the snow? Can you also describe these? Ex the square has 4 sides the same

StoryBots | Shapes Songs 🔵 | Learning Songs for Children | Netflix Jr

How many sides does a triangle have? And how many angles in a square? Learn and sing along with the StoryBots! The StoryBots are curious little creatures who live beneath our screens, offering a world of learning and fun for kids.

Shapes song for kids | The Singing Walrus

Subscribe to our website for $3.99 USD monthly / $39.99 USD yearly! Watch all of our videos ad free, plus weekly printables and more: We are excited to present our Shape Song, a groovy and interactive song for kids that introduces four 2D shapes: circle, triangle, square, and rectangle.

Here is one of our favourite Christmas stories!

Story Time: The Christmasaurus

By Tom Fletcher Illustrated by Shane Devries The Christmasaurus had a wish that someday he might fly and pull the sleigh on Christmas Eve across the winter sky.

And have fun! We would love to see some snow pictures on tapestry so we can look at these with our friends ☺️

Many thanks the preschool team x

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