Snow Day 12th December

Hi everyone,


I’m hoping that you have all received your email notifying you that nursery & school will be closed tomorrow, so please find below some activities to do at home together.


If your garden birds are anything like my garden birds, they are very hungry. If you have any bird seed and lard, you could try making bird feeders and shaping into Christmas designs. Or another idea is to thread cheerios onto string and hang on bushes.

Go and explore outside. It’s great that you can get the opportunity to understand snow. I know we have been talking about it in circle time but may not seen before. Talk about what we wear when out in the cold and snow. How can we keep warm?
Can you build a snowman?
We would love to see your snowy adventures, exploring the texture & sounds it make. Can you paint in the snow using food coloured water?
Or you can make some lovely frozen art. Freeze coloured water using dye and once frozen hang in the garden. See the different colours reflecting in the snow.

What about making some Christmas biscuits? Please find a link below. We have used this recipe before in nursery, they are simple to make and we have used normal margarine before. 

This is the story of the week if you would like to click the link and watch at home. It’s called we’re going on an elf chase.

we're going in an elf chase

Uploaded by Tate Storytime on 2022-12-06.

You might enjoy sharing some songs together.

Five Little Elves | Christmas Song For Kids | Super Simple Songs

Get the Super Simple App! ► 🎅🏾 🎄 Practice counting down from 5 to 1 with the five little elves as they go out for a ride with Santa on his sleigh. 🎶 Five little elves went out one day. And hopped up into Santa's sleigh.


Here's a simple and fun little #Christmas #rhyme for a Friday morning - about Santa getting stuck in the Chimney. Ideal for signing with little ones as it's easier than 'When Santa Got Stuck up the Chimney'. Try singing in the round with your friends and family too!

We cannot wait to see your lovely pictures and crafts from home. We really hope you have fun and kept safe and warm.
Love from Layla, Amy and Tammy 🎄❄️☃️

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