Rising 3's

Welcome to Rising 3’s

Welcome to Rising 3s.  

In Rising 3’s we like to have lots of fun together and spend our days exploring the outdoors or engaging in a variety of different activities indoors.  

Rising 3’s has a vast array of continuous provisions set up for the children to enable them to choose an activity that interests them.  We have a large open playroom with access to a covered outside porch area, this allows the children to have free flow between the outdoors and inside. We promote learning through play and have a few structured times throughout the day were we focus on maths, literacy and phonics. 

Rising 3’s room leader is Sadie and working with her is Alvina, we both look forward to supporting the children on their learning journeys throughout rising 3’s. 

Curriculum Information Term 1

Below are some of the songs we teach the children as part of our daily routine. 

Days of the Week clap clap!

Have fun learning the days of the week

Wake Up! School Assembly Song and Dance from Songs For EVERY Assembly by Out of the Ark Music

Wake up with a smile

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