Today's final VIPER is summarising. You need to read the extract one more time and summarise the 3 key parts of the extract. I have matched the colours again for you, remember it is not the answer, it is where you may find the answer. 
Today's viper is inference. Remember when we are making inferences from a text we must ALWAYS use the text to support our answer. I have again highlighted in the extract where you may find the answer but there are more possibilities. 
Today's viper is focusing on retrieval to find key details from the story. You again need to read through the extract and then answer the questions. You must again answer in full sentences, using the text to help and support your answers.

Today's viper is focusing on vocabulary. I have again highlighted the questions and underlined in the same color on the extract where the children will find the answer. The answers MUST be written in full sentences. For question 3 I have underlined a few words I will accept within the answer. As normal, please read through the extract and answer the questions. Also, remember to read the sentences surrounding the word you are focusing on, it can give us clues into understanding the word.

(If your child is stuck on any other words please email them to me and I will respond with a definition for you). 

As normal, read through the extract then go on to answering the questions. As you know, Monday's viper is always prediction. Remember when predicting there is no wrong answer as long as you support your thinking.
I am having trouble uploading the missing chapters. Please bare with me whilst I try and sort this issue. In the mean time try your best picking up from the end of Chapter 3, and answer the questions the best you can. All of the answers are in the extract I have given. 
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