Today is the last day of looking at this part of chapter 2. In your extract today you have all of the pages we have looked at this week, you need to read through them and focus on summarising the pages. You need to summarise the main ideas from the extract. Lots has happened here so make sure your answers are detailed and written in full sentences. Meaning today's VIPER is summarise. 
Today you are going to be making inferences from the text about the character in this extract (Lucy and Mr. Tumnus). Remember, when we make inferences we MUST use the text to support our answer/thinking. Please remember to also write in full sentences. 
Today we have a different extract, it is the start of chapter 2. It may help just going back to yesterday's extract to remind yourself of what happened just before this. It is a conversation between Lucy and the Faun - you finally find out his name! Today's VIPER is retrieval, you are finding out the key details form these two pages.
I hope you enjoyed making predictions of what may happen in Chapter 2 yesterday. Before we do find out, we are going to focus on character description and the authors choice of words used to do that. So, today's VIPER is vocabulary. The extract is the same as yesterday's. After you have completed your work I have included the picture of the Faun from the film of the book. I would like you to just think about whether the description matches what he Faun looks like. 
This week's extract has been broken down, each day we focus on a specific page/s so I have just given you the page/s we are focusing on to practice the specifc VIPER skill. As always, on a Monday our VIPER is prediction. Today we are using the end of Chapter 1 to help us predict what might happen in Chapter 2. This extract is only 1 page but gives us lot's o information as to what may happen next. Please make sure you are answering your questions in full sentences and suing the question to form your answer. 
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