Today's final VIPER is inference. This is where we look further in the text and start making assumptions but we must ensure we use evidence from the text to support our thinking. Please remember to use the question to form your answer. 
I hope you enjoyed reading the start of our new book The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe! Now you have understood some of the vocabulary used by the author, we are now going to retrieve key details from this story. Today's VIPER is retrieval, this will especially help us understand each character a bit more.  

Firstly, I would just like to quickly apologise for the mix up with dates on yesterday's work sheet, my laptop seemed to override the document. 

Today's reading VIPER is to look at the vocabulary choices the author has made, especially looking at character description.

This is an extract taken from the beginning of Chapter 1 and I have highlighted the key vocab within the text. 

I will try and upload the rest of Chapter 1 for you to read as the week progresses. 

We are now back to studying fiction in our reading lessons. We have an exciting new book to look at, I really think you'll enjoy this story, it is one of my favorites! I'm not going to give too much away today, meaning today's reading VIPER is prediction. You are going to predict what you may think is going to happen in this story. You have the font cover and blurb to look at. You are going start by annotating the front cover with your predictions. 

e.g. I think .... may happen .... because it says ... 

The word ... makes me think ... 

Once you have made your predictions from the front cover, you are going to read the blurb. Think about all of the extra information it is giving you. Has you prediction changed? If so, how? What makes you think that? Write a short paragraph next to the blurb explaining your predictions.  

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