Todays VIPER is explain. We are going to be explain the features of a newspaper article and their purpose. 

Things to think about:

- Why is some of the text in bold?

- What is the purpose of the picture?

- Why does the picture need a caption?


I have highlighted some features to help you. 

Now we have retrieved key ideas from this text, it is time to make some inferences. We are going to be looking further into the text making inferences and justifying them with evidence from the text to support. You must use evidence from the text when making inferences to back up your point. Please remember to use the question to form your answer and write in FULL sentences. Today's VIPER is inference. I have highlighted where you may find some answers. 
I hope you enjoyed your new text about the Nepal earthquake in 2015. Now that you have understood and looked at the vocabulary used by the writer, we are now going to retrieve key details from the text to further our understanding. Today's VIPER is retrieval. 
This week we are still focusing on Non-fiction texts and newspaper articles. This weeks article is about a earthquake that happened in Nepal. We are going to be going straight to vocabulary today and looking at how the writer uses vocabulary within this text to highlight the seriousness of the earthquake. Today's VIPER is vocabulary. I have again highlighted where you MAY find the answer.
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