Today is our final lesson looking at the 'Once Upon a Times' before looking at a different news paper report next week. Today's VIPER is explanation, we are going to be explaining themes that develop over the text and our opinions of them. 
Today's VIPER is inference. We are now going to make inferences and justify our answers using evidence from the text. 
I hope you enjoyed reading the full article today. Now we have predicted and looked at vocabulary from this extract. We are now going to highlight the key details of this article, meaning, today's VIPER is retrieval. I have highlighted in yellow where you may find the answers. 

I hope you enjoyed predicting what is going to happen in our new non-fiction text. Today's VIPER is vocabulary, we are looking at specific vocabulary within the text that we use when writing reports and articles. You can also check whether your predictions are correct! 

We are now moving onto non-fiction, and as always Monday's VIPER is prediction. We are looking at newspapers paper articles, this article is based on the story of Little Red Riding Hood. We are going to be predicting what this article will be reporting from clues in the text. You won't be able to read the full article until tomorrow and then you will be able to see if your predicitons were correct.
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