This is our last reading lesson on The Firework Makers Daughter before we move onto non-fiction. We are going to summarise what happens in this extract. We are going to be looking at what happens at the beginning middle and end. Today's VIPER is summarising. 

We have now retrieved all key details from this text. It's time to make inferences and use the text to support our thinking. It's really important to use the text to support our answers when making inferences as it justifies your reasons. Thursday's VIPER is Inference. Please answer in full sentences using the question to start your answer!

So now we have studied vocabulary within the extract, we now need to retrieve key information from the extract and pick apart those secret messages the author would like us to think about. As always, Wednesday's VIPER is retrieval. 

I have highlighted where YOU MIGHT find the answer. Please ensure you are using the questions to start your answer and are writing in full sentences. 

I hope you enjoyed catching up on Chapter 5 in The Firework-Makers Daughter, it's starting to get really exciting! As we have now made our predictions, we are now going to be focusing on vocabulary chosen by the author. We are going to be exploring the authors choice of vocabulary and how this can effect the reader. So, as always Tuesday's reading VIPER is going to be vocabulary. 

As always, our reading VIPER on a Monday is prediction. We are going to be predicting what happens in Chapter 6. Read the extract, then answer the questions. I have highlighted where you may find the answer. 

Middle of Chapter 5

Here is the middle of Chapter 5, please read this so you can find out what happens after Lila meets Razvanni in the Grotto. Then, in our reading lessons this week, we are looking at an extract from the end of Chapter 5.
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