Week 3.

I'm still having problems with uploading the whole story of the Firework Maker's Daughter. I think it is because the file is too large as i'm having to take pictures of the pages and put them onto a Power Point. I am still trying to get it on here for you to read the whole story, hopefully I can by the end of the week before we change to non-fiction. But do not worry as all of answers for your questions will be in the extract I put onto here. 

This weeks final VIPER is explanation. You are going to explain your thought and opinions of the text. Remember to always say why. If you think something about the book, say why!

As this is your opinion I have not highlighted anything today as this is what YOU think! Read the extract one more time and think about the questions. 

We have now retrieved key information from this extract. We now know who Razvani is and how Lila has ended up in his grotto. Now it is time to explore further and make inferences. Today's VIPER is inference, where we are going to make inferences and justify them through evidence in the text. REMEMBER to always use evidence from the text when making inferences. 

Now you are familiar with the vocabulary in the text and the impact it has on creating an image in the readers mind. We are going to move onto retrieving key information from the extract, meaning today's VIPER is retrieval. We are looking for key details of the narrative within the extract. 

It was great to read some of your predictions from yesterday's reading. As always, Tuesday's reading VIPER is vocabulary. We are going to be exploring the authors choice of vocabulary. Looking for words with similar meanings or words they have used instead of using obvious ideas. Remember, especially in this extract, the level of description the author has used when describing the setting. 

As always, Monday's VIPER is to predict. What do you think is going to happen next?

This extract is from the beginning of Chapter 5, Lila has just found herself in a dark tunnel...

Start by reading the extract, talk about everything you found out from the extract with an adult if you can! I have again highlighted where you may find the answer in correspondence to the colour of the question. For question's 3 and 4 there is no corresponding part in the extract. It's about what YOU think, remember to always say why. What words/sentences in the text is giving you your idea, don't forget to use your knowledge from Chapter 4 to also support your thinking. 

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