Hi everyone, I'm hoping this page will give us a chance to share some smiles. We are all missing you lots but hoping you are having lots of fun playing at home, reading stories and joining in games and adventures with your amazing families. While at home I have been spending time catching up with family, either at home or on the phone and looking after our pets Millie the cat and Yoshi the chameleon, who are both loving all the extra attention. Some of you will remember that we found new Spring frogspawn in the pond at forest school, this week I was able to collect some and we are lucky to have new pet tadpoles. I will be keeping you updated on how these grow and change! Stay safe and have fun, Becky laugh
We miss you very much and I'm super excited to share some of the creative things we've been up to at home, drawing and creating with natural objects.Stay safe and have fun! Happy Easter, Alvina

Joshua and mum sent us a couple of things they’ve been doing during lockdown:

  • Painting the fence with water... lots of fun!
  • And making bugs out of pom poms 

It looks like you've had great fun, thank you!!

Madison has been very busy so far we have gone on a rock hunt and painted them for the garden 

And we made Easter bunnies out of our hands to make a memory of the lockdown 😀

We have also made some yummy chocolate brownies 

Wow Madison, what great fun! thank you for sharing

Eden and her brother Rory are enjoying playing with the mud kitchen her talented daddy built for them

Eden has been practising her numbers 1-20 every day. She has been enjoying ordering them, writing them and matching the number to the correct amount of items, in this case Duplo towers!" 

Wow! Eden it's great to see you are having fun and praciticing your number skills! Thank you!


Logan made some tasty chocolate and rice crispy Easter nests with speckled eggs. Wow Logan, they look delicious! Thank you for sharing.


Louise has been busy enjoying the sunshine on a walk and building Bertie the robot with her son Josh. We think it looks fab!


Nic nic has been practicing her baking and spending lots of time with her dog bailey who finds it strange everyone being at home! 


Relaxing and trying to enjoy the quiet before baby arrives xx



Here are some fun things Oscar from pre-school has been up to this Easter. We are very proud that Oscar has learnt how to write his name!! Wow Oscar we are so proud of you and your fantastic writing, those cakes look yummy! Thank you!

School is only open for invited holiday club children from 8am until 3.30pm. We look forward to seeing everyone in September.