Phonic screening 


As promised, you will find some resources below to support your children with the upcoming phonics screening.

I have uploaded 2 versions of buried treasure. A game where you need to read the words and sort them into real (treasure) words or not real (rubbish) words. 

Feel free to make up and add your own words as well.


I have also added some words to read and practise at home. Some are real words and some are alien words. The children need to be able to say the sounds in the word then put them together or 'blend' them.


I will add new games and activities weekly and at the start of term 2 I will explain the format of the test itself. 


Thanks again for all of your help and support.


Mr Tew

Phonic sounds


During term 2, all Year 2 pupils across the country will have to undertake a 'phonics screening'.


This is a test where pupils are asked to read a series of words out loud. The test also includes words which are not real to test the pupil's abilities to blend sounds together regardless of what they say! A very important skill for reading.


Attached below are the sound mats for all of the phase 3 and 5 sounds. Pupils should know these by the end of Year 1 but due to Covid lockdown some of us have missed out on a few. 


There is a picture along with each sound you know how to pronounce the specific sound. 


Please rehearse these with your children, check they know how to read them and how to write them.

I have also included the lists of 'common exception words'. These are words which cannot be sounded out easily using our phonic sounds. These words need to be learnt off by heart.


Perhaps pick 5 or so each week and work through the list.