Optional Maths Activities



This week we've moved onto mental subtraction in our Maths lessons. Below is a page of sums to have a go at using the column subtraction method.



Hi everyone,

This week we've been carrying on with addition using mental strategies so here are a few questions to have a go at, with some 8x table practice too.



Hello everyone,


This week we have started having a go at adding ones and multiples of 10 to 4-digit numbers in our heads. I have attached a worksheet below for practicing our general addition skills (using the column method) and here are some examples of sums similar to the ones we have been working on in lessons:


5993 + 8 =                                          1932 + 70 =

3996 + 8 =                                          2966 + 50 =

2994 + 7 =                                          4984 + 30 = 

1995 + 6 =                                          6975 + 30 =



Hi everyone,

This week we finished looking at the 9x table and started on the 7x table so I would still recommend practicing them using the hit the button website (link below). 


You could also turn them into a game! Write the multiplication (or division) sums and the answers on separate pieces of paper. Scramble them up and see how long it takes you to match them up correctly again. Can you beat your best time?



This week in Maths we have been looking at our 6x tables and 9x tables and using division and multiplication to explore them. 

I would recommend using the Hit the Button game (link below) to practice these skills, and also have a go at the doubling part of the game as we have been using our doubling skills to construct the times tables (and will do next week too!)

This week we have been looking at symmetry in shapes and patterns. Below are 3 different activities you may find useful to try.