Home learning workouts


During lockdown, we put some home learning booklets onto the website to revise and practise the learning the children had completed in school. 

Below you will find the first home learning 'workout' booklet for year 2. 

It mirrors the learning we are doing in school at the moment. This week we have been learning to add in a few different ways. Next week we will be building on our addition skills by adding 2 digit numbers.


To help us in class we use objects like base 10 blocks and bead strings. 


We also use the website which is full of amazing resources to support learning.

It also includes virtual resources which match the objects we use at school.


Please have a go at some of the activities to help your child to learn and remember what we are doing in class.


Thanks for your support


Mr Tew

Properties of shapes


This week we have learnt all about pentagons, hexagons and octagons.


Have a look at the activities below and give them a try!

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