Dear parents,


As part of our daily Maths in school, we follow a pattern of modelling the new learning (I do/teacher), working together (we do) and then independent activities (you do/child). On the daily videos, I introduce each day's learning and go through modelled examples. The children are then lead onto the DO IT/CHALLENGE IT/SOLVE IT tasks.


In school, it is expected that all children complete the DO IT activity each day. Once they have understood this task, they then move onto CHALLENGE IT where they have a chance to explain their understanding. Hopefully you will find that your child feels confident to try the SOLVE IT challenge too, however I am asking that your main focus be encouraging your child to complete the DO IT part of the lesson themselves. If they are confident to move on, they can then complete the CHALLENGE IT part, however, if they are not able to complete the DO IT activity successfully, it is more important that they go over this part of the learning with an adult rather than trying to complete the other 2 tasks. If you are then able to complete DO IT at this point together, that's brilliant as your child will feel more confident moving into the next day's lesson. If your child is really struggling with a particular DO IT task, please let me know.


Not all children will be confident in completing the CHALLENGE IT and SOLVE IT sections as they are more difficult, however all should be able to access the DO IT section.


Many thanks

Mrs Morris

15.1.21 Maths Recall and use division facts using 2 x table

14.1.21 Year 2 Maths Recall and use multiplication facts from the 2x tables

13.1.21 Year 2 Maths NEW UNIT Multiplication tables WALT 2 x table

11.1.21 Year 2 Maths powerpoint WALT directional instructions

11.1.21 Year 2 Maths interpret and devise instructions for a simple route

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