Half Term 25/5/2020



Good morning everyone,


As we are moving into half term week, the planned learning this week will be slightly different to last week. 

We will not have, English, Maths and Curriculum but instead we will have 'Child safety week' and focus on safety in and around the home but also online and outside.


I hope everyone is managing to stay well.


Kind regards


Mr Tew

Child safety parent pack


The pack below is from the 'Child Accident Prevention Trust.' It can also be found on this website:


The website gives lots of activities and ideas about promoting safety in the home.



Electrical Safety


Please visit the link below and download/view the presentation on electrical safety in the home:


If you need a log in, twinkl are currently offering free access using the details in the image below.


Then have a go at the electrical danger activities linked below:



Internet safety


With so many of our children spending a lot of their time online, it is so important that they are aware of how to stay safe when using the internet. 

Below are some activities to raise awareness of internet safety.

Cyber bullying


The following presentation and activity pack is aimed at raising awareness of cyber bullying. I feel that this is incredibly important as more and more children are spending time online.

Online communication


This lesson aims to make children think carefully about who they are communicating with online. 

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