Below you will find the Mavis the Cat story we started looking at last week, we are going to continue with Mavis the Cat this week.

Here are your English tasks for the week.


Monday 11th - On Page 9 you will find a rhyme. Read it together, chant it, can you make up some actions?

On Tapestry upload a video of your child performing the rhyme, or part of the rhyme, with the actions they have created.


Tuesday 12th - Page 10 would like you to go on an adventure with one of your toys! Have a look at Mavis' pictures and take some of your own with a toy of your choice. 

Upload them to Tapestry (as one observation).


Wednesday 13th - On Page 11 is a sequencing activity.

Have a go at drawing the story map and filling in the missing words. (Feel free to print this instead if you are able).

Take a photo and upload it to Tapestry.


Thursday 14th - Using your toy adventure photos, or draw them if you can't print them, stick them on a story path and tell their adventure story. Use Page 12 to help you.

Take a photo and upload it to Tapestry, please share your story with us in the comments section.


Friday 15th - Read the poem on Page 13. 

Can you draw a picture of one of the verses?

Take a photo and upload it to Tapestry.

Due to the planned Industrial Action on Wednesday 1st February, we will be open to Nursery, C&I, Year 4 and Year 6 children only.