Below you will find a link to a Talk for Writing booklet about Mavis the Cat.

On Pages 4, 5 and 6 you will find the story. After that are lots of activities to complete.


Thursday 7th January:

Have a look at Page 7. You will find a matching activity.

Either print the page or you could draw the pictures and match the words to the pictures. Take a photo and upload it to Tapestry.


Friday 8th January:

On Page 8 you will find some extracts of the story, read them with your child and ask them to pretend to be that character.

Can you pretend to be some of the characters in the story? Listen while a little bit of the story is read to you. What would the character be doing? What might they say? What would their face look like?

On Tapestry upload a little video or photo of your child pretending to be one of the characters in the story.

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