Below you will find the Mouse Adventure story we have been looking at, we are going to continue with Mouse Adventure this week.

Here are your English tasks for the week.


Monday 8th – On Page 10, have a look at Mouse’s adventure in the photos. Can you take your toy on an adventure and get your grown up to take some photos? Can you write a sentence about one of the pictures.


Tuesday 9th – On Page 11, you will find a sequencing activity, have a go at writing the correct words in. Remember to say them like a robot to write them down.


Wednesday 10th – Use Page 12 (or draw your own) to stick the photos on (or draw them) and tell their adventure story.


Thursday 11th – Have a look at the poem on Page 13. See if you can clap along to the rhythm with your grown up.


Due to the planned Industrial Action on Wednesday 1st February, we will be open to Nursery, C&I, Year 4 and Year 6 children only.