Below you will find a link to a Talk for Writing booklet about Mouse’s Adventure.

On Pages 4 and 5 you will find the story. After that are lots of activities to complete.


Monday 1st February:

On Page 6, Mouse has asked you some questions. What parts of the story did you like the most? Did anything about the story surprise you? Do you have any questions? See if you can draw a picture or write your answers. Remember to use your phonics to help you write.


Tuesday 2nd February:

Have a look at Page 7. You will find a matching activity.

Either print the page or you could draw the pictures and match the words to the pictures. Take a photo and upload it to Tapestry.


Wednesday 3rd February:

Have a look at Page 8. Pretend that one of your toys is the character in the story. Listen while your grown up reads the little part of the story. Can you remember what Mouse said? What would your character say?


Thursday 4th February:

On Page 9 you will find a rhyme. Read it together, chant it, do you know the actions or can you make up some actions?

On Tapestry upload a video of your child performing the rhyme, or part of the rhyme, with the actions they have created.



Friday 5th February:

Page 10 would like you to go on an adventure with one of your toys! Have a look at Mouse’s pictures and take some of your own with a toy of your choice. 

Upload them to Tapestry (as one observation).

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