Below you will find the Mavis the Cat story we have been looking at, we are going to continue with Mavis the Cat this week.

Here are your English tasks for the week.


Monday 25th – Have a look at the factfiles on Pages 21 and 22. Have a go at making your own factfile about one of the minibeasts you saw on your walk (or do some research on the computer if you didn’t find any). Use the frame on Page 23 if you’d like.


Tuesday 26th – Draw a picture of a ladybird and label the parts using the words on Page 24 to help you. Then enjoy the poem on Page 25.


Wednesday 27th – Read the letter from Marigold on Page 26. Look at the pictures on Page 27, do you know what the fruits and vegetables are just by looking at the inside? Think about the colour, size, shape, texture and patterns you can see.


Thursday 28th – Go outside and see if you can find some natural objects. Can you use any of the words on Page 28 to describe them? Can you think of any words of your own? Draw a sketch of your object and label it with your words.


Friday 29th – Read the poem on Page 29 and join in with the actions. Let me know which activity in our Mavis workbook you liked the best!