Below you will find the Mavis the Cat story we have been looking at, we are going to continue with Mavis the Cat this week.

Here are your English tasks for the week.


Monday 18th – On Page 14 you will find lots of pictures. Either print the page and circle the ones you heard about in the poem, or draw a picture of the ones you heard about in the poem.


Tuesday 19th – Have a go at making a paintbrush using elastic bands if you can like on Page 15 (a normal paintbrush is fine if you can’t). Can you paint a rainbow? Pop it in the frame on Page 16 if you can.


Wednesday 10th – In a tray pour some flour, salt or sand. Have a go at copying these words into the tray. You could also practise the words we read in phonics as well as your letters.


Thursday 21st – Read Bertie’s letter on Page 18. Have a go at following the instructions to make the potion (Page 19). If you don’t have any plastic spiders, try raisins or sultanas instead.


Friday 22nd – Have a look at Page 20. Can you find any of the creatures in your garden or on your walk? Draw them to show me.

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