Easter Holiday 6/4/2020



Good morning everyone!


I hope that you have all had a lovely Easter weekend. I hope that the Easter bunny found his way to your houses and that you are all keeping well. 

I have added a few extra activities for the second week of the Easter holidays. Just like last week, these are only ideas and suggestions. Normal learning will resume next week!


Have fun and see you all soon!


Mr Tew


Hi everyone,


I hope that you are all keeping well and managing to enjoy some of the work on the website that has been left. 

Over the next two weeks, work will become a little less formal. I will not be leaving Reading, English, Maths and Curriculum work but will leave some Easter themed activities that can hopefully be completed as a family. 

After the Easter holiday, I will return to leaving more formalised work.

I am hoping to leave some videos and supportive resources to help you complete the home learning.

If you had any ideas of how I can improve the educational experience at home for your children then please do send any ideas into the usual school email addresses and they will be passed on to me.


Over Easter, please continue to do some reading as well as having a go at some of the activities I will leave.


Thanks again for all of your support in these strange times.


Mr Tew

Home learning


Craft activities

The activities below will hopefully provide you with some ideas of what to do creatively over the Easter break. 

Some of the craft ideas require objects you may not have at home. 

Please do not feel that any of these are compulsory, they are simply to offer you ideas of what you could be doing at home.

Have fun with them and I would love to see some of the finished Easter craft.



Week 2 craft activities


I know that some parents were keen to have some spellings to practise at home.

Below is the statutory spelling list for Years 3 and 4.

I would recommend just choosing a few at a time and learning them off by heart.


Use the look, cover, say, write technique.


First you look at the tricky word and try to remember it. Then cover it over so you can't see it any more. Then say the word out loud so you can hear it and try to remember how it looks. Finally, write out the spelling. 

Keep practising them until you can do them off by heart. I will add this to the learning each week.

Film challenge

If any of you are budding filmmakers, child net are running a film competition for children.

All of the details are on the website linked below. 

This could be a great, creative opportunity for you at home.

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