Easter Activities

Hello everyone,


I hope you are all well and are keeping safe at home. This page is where I will be posting possible activities and projects for you to do over the 2 weeks of Easter holidays. Feel free to pick and choose which activities you would like to complete, you could even think of your own project to do! I would also encourage you to keep up with your reading and spellings as much as possible, even over this holiday time.

Remember to take lots of photos to share, we'd love to see what you've been up to.



Many thanks,

Miss Taylor

Activity Ideas:


  • Make your own scavenger hunt for a member of your family around your house or garden. Give it a theme (you could use the examples below as a template).
  • Design your own Easter egg.
  • Melt down some chocolate and create the Easter egg you designed.
  • If you have a garden or some plant pots, plant and look after some Spring flowers.
  • Go on a walk and create a plant diary or map as you go. Every time you see a new plant on your walk draw it, take a photo or take a sample (remember not to pick living plants though!). At home create a diary or draw a map of your walk using everything you collected.
  • Make Easter cards for your family and friends and post them to them.
  • Help your adults make a tasty Easter meal. Design a menu, hand out invitations and help cook the meal too.
  • Create a stop motion video. Use toys as characters and take lots of pictures, moving your props slightly between each picture. Flick through your pictures quickly to watch your video!
  • Have a look at the activities below!

Scavenger Hunt Ideas

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